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Rover 600 Headlight problem

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I have just recently bought a 95 620 SI and I'm having trouble with my headlight. Everytime I use the stork to turn the headlights on, the main beams always come on. I have changed the stork and still know good, Im abit stuck and i really dont know what it could be. I am trying to get it sorted with out going to a garage but Im stuck with what to so.
Please Help! stuck and Im not sure what to do.
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I presume you have tried pulling the stalk towards you until it clicks to turn them off?
Yeah I have tried that and still know luck.
Joakim ... is there 'one' relay (located under bonnet) that contains both the high and low beam relay circuits then ?

I assume the switch is contained within the stalk (or does it click up into/onto another switch in column - I've never had one out)

Not sure how the stalk works 100% but there is no high current there. Thats all done by 2 relays, one for each beam.

Fault could be either in the relay or in the switch/stalk iself.. my guess is the high beam relay... but, as usual only a guess ;)

Thanks Guys, I will take a luck and give it a try. I will let you know how I get on :) one problem though, I can't find the location of the high beam relay, could anyone help with that? Please please please :(
In the underbonnet fusebox, don't worry if you don't read french as english is on the underside of the cover. Lighting and possible Dimmer relays not sure if the dim-dip system would have any part in it or even if its fitted.
Would think you it would be easier to take it to a garage? And if so how how much would you reckon it would cost?
I have taken a look at the relays and I found that the dimmed relay doesn't seem to be working. I have tried another relay in its place and swapped it with a working one and still nothing. So this makes me think that there is a problem with the dimmer relay circuit. What you guys think? Cheers for the help andy
I found page and i think it might be useful but im still not sure if it is tight thou
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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