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Chances are that one or both the 'scissors' lifting mechanism arms are bent and/or one/both of the plastic bearing wheels is broken and no longer runs true in it's channel rail just below the bottom of the window glass.

You may get away with using a lubricant on the side rubber channels (and the top one too) so that it fully locates closed at the top in the rails and guides. I've used a silicon furniture polish which has helped but the only guaranteed fix is a door card off, strip and careful alignment of all those items which have been bent or twisted.

If those little plastic wheels at the end of the scissors arms in their channels are not damaged, then a careful realignment of the channels and 'scissors' arms can be all that's needed to fix it perfectly ~ if your lucky. Forcing the glass closed can damage those little wheels and other parts of the mechanism.
1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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