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Chances are that one or both the 'scissors' lifting mechanism arms are bent and/or one/both of the plastic bearing wheels is broken and no longer runs true in it's channel rail just below the bottom of the window glass.

i had this same prob with the ti ive just brought, the prevus owner did tell me about it and knocked off 100quid off the sale price.
this is one of the very common problems on 600 as i found out when i went down to my local scrapy were there we 6 600 and all there window machanism were gone.
so i went home and stripped it all down and found that one of the plastic rollers was broken off the scissors lifting rale..anyway i dont think i will have any more problems with it again as i replaced them two plastic roller by snipping them off and welding on 2 washer of the same size fitted it all back greesed up the rail and i think it works better than new now even without loobing up the window runner rubbers......try doing it
1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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