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RE: 600 FAQs

I've had my diesel 600 for a year now. It's going quite well now but I've encountered several of the issues mentioned in the list here. However, thanks to the forum I've either managed to fix them or at least know where to start looking before having to take it to the garage and therefore been able to keep the costs down. So far I've had a stuck exhaust gas recirculation valve causing the car to judder at low low revs (cured by the looking on the forum and disconnecting the vacuum hose, solenoid and air flow sensor), faulty door pillar switches causing the alarm / immobiliser to stop working (fixed thanks to the forum and ebay), leaking clutch master cylinder (managed to diagnose using the forum but ended up getting fixed at a garage - figured there was too much of a risk of me messing it up!), loose / worn gearbox linkage meaning gearstick flopped around and had trouble finding gears (fixed using advice form the forum but got away with replacing the bolt and washer on the base of the gearstick / connecting rod rather than changing out the whole UV joint) and finally the apparently ubiquitous stuck aerial (managed to fix briefly but eventually gave up and disconnected the motor and now just raise it manually).
All in all must've saved a few quid due to the various posts on the site. I'm not a great mechanic by any means so a few of the problems above (in particular the EGR problem) might well have ended up with me getting rid of the car without the forum coz I wouldn't have a had a clue where to look and wouldn't have wanted to put a 400 quid car into a garage for fear of a huge bill. So cheers guys. I think the FAQ is a good idea coz there are probably a lot of folk like me buying these cars coz they look like good value but possibly ending up regretting it when something goes wrong and don't know where to start so end up paying a fortune to garages.
Keep up the good work!
1 - 1 of 72 Posts
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