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Rover 45TD 5dr

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Well the time has come to move on & the 45 has to go to make room.

Due to work commitments I can't do any pics untill the weekend, so basic details:-

Rover 45 iXL 2.0TD 2000(X)plate
146,000 miles (still in use so rising daily)
6 months tax, (cost £112 from 01/10/2010)
MOT due 24/11/2010
Maroon red 5 door (hatch)
Towbar with twin electrics, tho' I have never towed anything other that a 6x4 trailer.
Clutch replaced @124k
5 good tyres, full size spare!
service history, not Rover :)

Also part of the sale:

ZS leather seats (Monaco black/red) with front & rear headrests, drivers seat suffering a bit!

Leather/wood steering wheel.

Replacement gearstick linkage, from gearstick to box, bought with the intension of fitting the steering UJ upgrade, unable to finish due to froozen shoulder!

Rear Electric window parts inc switches, not done see above!

price £750.00 job lot, need it all gone soon, if the buyer does not want it all only then will I consider selling the remaining bits.


Where am I off too? -->HERE<--
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Forgot to mention, RoverRon MAFAM fitted.

Hope to add pics tomorrow, just waiting for them to be approved :)

Pictures as promised. sorry links from photobucket, so I hope they work.

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Looks nice, I presume it's got ABS, does it have passenger airbag?

Yes & Yes, in that order :)

The seats are comming out, originals going back in, just in case I don't sell everything in one go.

Here are the seats purchased, they were cleaned before I put them in, note drivers seat bolster is suffering a bit, I'll sort a pic out at the weekend.

The rears have leather headrests now.

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BUMP to the top

need this gone :)

You have a PM buddy.............
You have a reply!! :)

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