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Rover 420 (1999) power steering pump

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I think my PAS pump is leaking so I need to remove it for inspection. My alternator bolts have seized (!) so I have removed the pulley (for PAS and water pump). The PAS pump is now visible but won't move. Are there further bolts at the rear, or should I use more brute force? (I tried to access this all by removing the headlight but that too won't budge! Do I need to remove the bumper too?)
Thnks for any help!
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To get the headlamp out you have to remove the bumper yes.

You sure the pump is the problem. Its normaly the pipes. The pumps tend to make a horrid noise when they start to let go or you can feel the pressure slipping away through the steering wheel when you turn it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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