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rover 414 Si , clutch pedal too high

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Hi all, i have a 1997 P reg. Rover 414 Si 5 door hatch 43,000 genuine miles, my insurance company has just spent £1600 on it, getting the front end fixed following a stupid shunt, all my fault LOL.

Not related to the shunt, my Clutch pedal is very high, mechanics who have had a look say that everything looks as it should, so what can i do to make it like it should be please, as a last resort i shall have to goto a Rover Dealer, happily somebody else on this board has recomended a non ROVER garage near to where i work and i would need them to plug it into there computer as well, because the petrol consumption is rubbish :(

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When you say the clutch pedal is very high, do you mean physically or the bite point... As the pedal is just a metal lever then to be physically high it would have to be bent or something along those lines.
I think he means physically, but arent most clutch pedals just that little bit higher than the brake pedal. or can they be made to be level with them?
If an RT 400 clutch pedal is way too high, it usually means the master cylinder is broken, internally.
what is an "RT" 400, i guess that is technical jargon lol.

the Clutch behaves as normal so i guess it cant be the Master Cylinder ????

the pedal is much too high, although while pressing it down there is a small movement downwards before it does anything but not very far at all.

i've just had a brilliant idea i shall take a picture of it !!!!!!! then you will see first hand how much too high it is, ok.

thanks for your ideas.

"RT" - sorry that's tech speak for a MK2 400, denoting the 4th and 5th digits of the VIN code.
thanks Major, i guessed it was summat like that, I like your TV mate !.

i just gotta go out and take the missus to IKEA !!!!!!!!!!!, then i'll take the picture i spoke of.

Major Ingram ..... that must be a wind up, i guess the real chap of that name wouldnt wouldnt dare to show his nose anywhere at all anymore !!!!!. bloody crook.


PS. to get to IKEA from where i live i gotta drive about 50 miles just to get there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL a pic when you can...I'll see what I can do to help.

IKEA? I hate the place, our nearest is don't go there very often.
here is the picture, i hope it helps, i didnt bother getting it out of the garage LOL.

Ikea, what a bloody place, our nearest one is near Wemberly, 38 miles away !, loadsa crumpet to oggle at though LOL, all shapes, sizes and colours.

Yep, I'd say the master cylinder is fooked.....
thanks a lot mate, sounds like a big job that does :scary: , bugger, very helpful indeed friend

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