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hi guys
bought a rover 400 2.0i a couple weeks ago , and my problems have just started...

1. cats knackered - do i buy new , used, or replica , as new are bloddy expensive.

2. cluthc squeaks after 20-30 mins local driving - getting on my nerves
only 63000 miles on clock
3. window stopped working, got mechanism , found out its controller unit
but fixed as i write this...

4. any recommendations as i am aboput to service it next week ....
all help appreciated.......

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Buy a new cat ...AS in replica
but look at the reasons it's gone first

Check coolant temperature sensor ....a fault with this will cause over fuelling ...which will burn out the cat.

This can be checked by observing the engine, once warmed up, revs should drop to under 900 rpm...when the temp gauge reads just under halfway....if they don't suspect the sensor ...

Check lambda out....instructions for checking later .

Squealing is possibly clutch release bearing ...they can go on like that for thousands of miles ....'till you either change it .....or it collapses .

if you do decide to change it, buy the whole clutch kit ....because the gearbox has to come out ....not worth doing half a job..



Check gearbox oil level ......if its OK ......drain anyway ..and refill with MTF94 ..available from land-rover dealers or x-rover dealers ...
If the oil level is low got other problems ........these gearboxes will have other problems !!...if the oils gone !1

Best dealt with when you haul the gearbox out for clutch change ...ask then !!!

Check the rad is OK and the core is intact... ...summer is here .

Remove rear ash tray and check that the handbrake compensator is not tilted to one side .........if it is.... ask then

Other than lots of visual inspection of drive shaft gators ......ball joints boots disc's and pads ....there isn't much left except the engine oil and filter ...air filter, fuel filter and maybe brake fluid change.

That should be enough for you to take in today ....dont be afraid to ask more questions when you've checked out the above.

all the best...mark
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