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Rover 400 Exhaust

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Hi people, have just ordered a PECO exhaust which arrives next week, in the description it says:

Details : 120mm x 90mm twin squared oval tailpipes with acoustic internals.

What are acoustic internals???????????
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probably means its not straight through.. so there is some degree of silencing present.
Might meen its been designed or tuned for specific sound.
mate from garage said it might be one of those adjustable sound things in the pipe that you can adjust to adjust sound. But cant se PECO having crap like that in their exhausts. Thats trago mills kinda stuff. I take it its not a well known term for exhausts then, maybe a website trying to use it as a selling point!
it has a built in mp3 player and 62 polyphonic ringtones.
no way!!!!!!!! well that makes it well worth the buy. what a bargain. who do u know that can cruise through town with crazy w****r blaring out of his exhaust. that must add at least 96.5674 bhp to it :):):)
You bet! it even detects hot chicks and tells them to hop in if you slow down enough! :D
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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