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Since having an engine transplant, the speedo reads correctly for 3-5 miles, then becomes intermittent for a few miles more (under-reading), and then drops to zero, and stays there. Stopping and starting the car makes no difference; the engine has to be off for several hours before it starts working again. It was working fine before the transplant.
I've checked the connections, and everything looks OK. I would guess that it is probably tempreture related.
As far as I understand it, this is an electronic speedo, with some form of shaft encoder attached to a cog feeding off the D/S drive shaft, generating pulses which are counted over time to work out the speed.
If this is the case, is the encoder contained in the speedometer drive unit that the Haynes manual talks about? Is replacing this unit likely to fix the problem?
Otherwise, I was wondering whether it could be a wiring loom fault, as the current loom is the one that came with the replacement engine.
The tachometer works fine, but this is a seperate sensor.

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