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Rover 25 MISFIRE CODES PO300 & PO313

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I have a Rover 25 the 1.6il stepspeed automatic model 2002.

When the car is started and driven about 1 mile the engine managment
light flashes for about a minute then turns off.

I have read the codes and they show as PO300 and PO313 which show as
PO300=random misfire and PO313=misfire fuel level low.

Can anybody help with this problem as there is no sign of a misfire when driven when the light is flashing.

I think the low fuel in the code may mean that not enough fuel is being injected ? as fuel tank is full.

Thanks for any help.
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hi mate i had these faults appear on ma 1.8turbo zt and it turned out to be a knackered coil pack, soon as i replaced them the faults stopped and the car flies! hope this helps
Unfortunately I have replaced the coil and the leads with new ones but still no luck ?
have u replacd the spark plugs u may have a dodgy one other thing to check would be the fuel filter. when does it misfire?? is it intemitant or all the time??
The warning light shows only when started from cold after being driven for about a mile,I can not detect any misfire to the car but the light starts to flash.
The warning code for misfire low fuel level - does that mean from the fuel tank ?

I wondered about the fuel filter not letting enough petrol through but this would show as the car used more fuel.

This fault never shows again after the car has warmed up ?

thanks for your help.
hmmm normally when it says low fuel its normally the sensor thats on the injection unit, dont know if the zr has the same as ma zt but i would check and change the fuel filter in the tank and under bonnet if it has one in the engine compartmant. other thing to try is use a bottle of fuel cleaner (redex) and give it a good thrashing down a motorway. other than that i could only recommend a t4 session or PM terry (tsautos) normally find him in the ZT section. hope this helps
Thanks for your help.

I have ordered new petrol filter and will post a new reply when fitted,
lets hope it does the job.
No luck with petrol filter but I think it may be related to an injector fault.

When I put Redex in the tank it seems to stop for a while and then becomes a lot slower for the warning light to come on again.

Can the injectors be cleaned if I remove the inlet maniflod ?
lambda sensor fault

Just found out it's the lambda sensor.

After the head gasket went covered the lambda sensor with silicone from antifreeze
no problems now.

Thanks for all your help.
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