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Rover 25/MG ZR Door Mirrors

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As title really, electric or manual, good condition, preferably in MNX/Platinum Silver but not end of the world if they're not.
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Ive got:
2 sets of manual and 1 O/s...
And 1 set of leccy.

Various covers but no platty silver.

Take your pic!
How much you looking including delivery for the manual ones??

Also does this include the inner trims?

I'll try and remember to sort some pics tomorrow, drop me a pm if you like:)
Inner bits...hmmm...cant think if i have any, dont think i do at the minute.

You only need the rubber bits...the rest catn be used. They are called cheater panels...(less than a fiver for the pair from rover anyway), and there are 2 types...200 ones...and 25/zr ones...
So if you have a need 200 ones...unless you have 25/zr door cards.

If you get me.
How much you looking for them including delivery.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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