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Hi all

I just bought a 48mm throttle body from ebay for £15 to replace the restricted one in my x reg 1.4 25 Olympic.

Now I am looking for the throttle cable to go with it. I went on the website for my local scrappy and currently the only rovers they have listed as breaking are a rover 45 advantage 2001 and a 420 gsi.

Would the 45 throttle cable be usable with my 25?

If not, Would anybody be kind enough to pick me up the appropriate cable next time they are at their local scrappy and send it to me? I of course will paypal you the money + a bit extra for your troubles. Its just the scrappys round here are crap and I have had no luck on the ebay front for this cable.

cheers :]

Edit: Apologies people, Meant to post this in the 25/ZR section
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