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Hi guys n gals, not sure if I can post this here so let me know if I need to post elsewhere.

My dad has an old 216gti 3dr Racecar in bits that has (I think) everything to complete...

I just wondered if anyone might be interested in a project?
I'm in Australia but the car(s) are in the UK and here's a list of what I know to be with it:
  • • Fully Seam welded shell with weld in cage
  • • Brand New gearbox
  • • Solid 16v Honda engine (from my old CRX road car)
  • • All new set of shocks & Springs
  • • Std wiring loom Inc ecu
  • • All brakes (new?) TBC
  • • Donor car 220 non turbo
Open to offers...
Let me know and I'll get some pictures and more details 👍

Many thanks, Simon
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