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rover 216 p reg auto 1,6

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hi there im new on this site my name is steven im 25 years old and have been driver just over a year i have had six car over this time (no i havent crashed them just like to change cars alot) most of my cars have been renault i have all ways liked the rover 200 shape and size but was puy off by the rover name but last month the auto box went on my laguna i only had £600 to spend and had work in 3 days i had a look at a few cars ford/fiat/renault then came to find a rover 216 sli auto in dark gray had 3 month mot no tax had a few small dents and rust on the wing i went to see it as it was a day be for i had work it was up for £600 the rust was bad on the wing there was a dent on the back door no boot car pit when startd 1st time there was a clunging sound from the front i read some where a few months ago it was know being the heat shild so i didnt mind i knocked the man down to 510 and got him to tax it for me at my cost so i could get it home once home i checked it over found the clung sound was the drive plate so will do that soon well to the point. today the car was trying to cut out 18 miles from home i thoght it might be where i was stick in a jam for a hour i got 2 miles from home then the car lost power i had to use kick down just to make it move 8mph then it cut out and wont start i calld aa and while waiting i had a look no water in the bottle pulld out the dip stick and bamm oil looks like brown milk head gasket must be blown got towd home and got all the bits i need but thoght i may have done more than a head gasket i got some comeing out to do the work he said it will just be a head gasket but im not to sure the car starts fines. what can i look for to see .is there any test i can do. is there any other known probs when a head gasket bows meny thanks
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Im sorry about the spelling im useing a iphone and its not easy to type
sounds like it's gone between the water and oil... it's not pretty, but provided it was stopped fairly quick, it should be ok.
if it was allowed to overheat then you run the risk of the head warping, which means either a head skim to get it flat again, or a new head.

going by your description of the car, the previous owner wasn't overly worried about cosmetics, so i'd say they had an idea that the head gasket was close to going and sold it before it did.
Hi thanks for your reply the temp never went up stay half way so im thinking it never over heatd that bad. I got the car from a street dealer from gum tree the car has done around 58k
It came with all old bills none are for a
New head gasket so was over
Due any way im get the head gasket head re skim new cam belt parts and labour
£350 but i have
Got all the parts my self
For free (know a mate that owns a
Car parts shop) so
Shud get the work
Done cheaper. Im hopeing there wont be
Any other probs lol
Hi thanks for your reply the temp never went up stay half way so im thinking it never over heatd that bad. I got the car from a street dealer from gum tree the car has done around 58k
you might be ok then.
have you got a normal elastomer gasket or the uprated MLS gasket?
you might want to change the water pump while you're in there.
Hi mate i would do the water pump but im skint i was on my 1st job with this new firm the car went on the 2nd day as i cant realy carry all ny tools on a train they wont give me any more work so until i get the 1st day pay iv only just got the cash for the head gasket and cam belt to be fited i did get the up grade head gasket so should all be back on the road soon hopeing for the weekend
if you need help, let people know where you are and there might be a few people willing to lend a hand, especially if you offer red bull and haribo :lol:
Lol thanks guys got loads of red bull no sweets but can get the wife to make
Blt's lol. Had the guy out today to look a my dads old rover 216 he said my car will be on the road by the week end and will
Cost £195 thats for the head skimd and cam belt changed . Im in mottingham se london near bromley if the guy havent fixed it by the weekend i may be looking for help.if any of you do live near me my rover is dark gray (black) p reg the only 216 with roof racks round
Here lol if you see me at the side
Of the road kicking the shxt out
Of the car you known the head changed didnt work lol
Well the weekend has past and still no car what a JOKE the head was in the work shop friday to be skimed but when he whent back to pick it up the place was locked up for the weekend its now 1pm and no show yet will have to get the phone out i think wish me luck
Its realy a joke now been
3 weeks and still now car the guy done the head and the new cam belt but now saying the timeing is all wong and will have to take
The bottom pully off and turn it 180 so yet agian will have to wait till monday takes
The pixs but on the good side iv got a
New wing/mesh for the
Grill/and a sport back box .
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