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Hello people.
I have 99' Rover 214i, 14K2F (8V), 55 kw.
I'm having trouble no local mechanic can solve it's boggling my mind.

The car has almost no power uphill, if you stop at at hill you can barely move off.
It has almost no power below 2000 rpm. With the A/C on it's even worse it barely moves off, sometimes stalls completely. It won't go over 100kmh on highway.
Things tried so far nothings has changed:
- New spark plugs, new spark plug cables, new distributor, new oxygen sensor, new coolant temp sensor, exhaust checked for blockage still nothing, new fuel pump.
The problem also isn't mechanical, the HG was changed 1y ago , the car doesn't burn or mix oil or water, the engine has good compression.
Worth nothing the car is converted to LPG, but the problem persists either on petrol or LPG.
There's also a smell of unburnt fuel when idling for longer.
Please help me figure this out, any tips?

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