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Hi all

just recently bought a BRG rover 214 SEi on a 1995 N reg- could anybody tell me if this model is meant to have the interior light delay? My mate has a 'k' reg 214 sli and this has it, aswell as the red ring round the ignition switch.

If my model does not have it, then is it esy to fit? Do i assume there is a relay that can be simply swapped over?? Which models, and ages of vehicle had this feature?- which relay if so, and where on car do i find it?

Thanks guys and gals
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I don't know for certain sorry, but, your Rover is the Mk2 one???

If it is, then the SEi of that mark was the top end wasn't it???

So surely it should have the delayed light and red ring around the ignition.

I'm pretty sure it should have those features

Sorry i can't help anymore...
none of the SEi's had it. Get the MFU from one that does and put it in yours.
My GSi tubby does it. As for the red ring, forget about it. its too fiddly.
Ive got a mk3 SEi and it does the delay thing...

Sometimes its useful, sometimes its bloody annoying :irked:
is it a big job then? where would I look for the unit? I thought I would just be able to swap a relay over somewhere
lol, if it was a relay, it'd be on or off, not fading, therefore its fighting against a variable resistor somewhere.

the MFU is on the back of the fuse box. You'll have to remove the fuse box (2x 10mm nuts), remove some plugs to get to the back. Remove it, replace with the new one, plug it all back up and tighten the nuts. jobs a gooden.
fuse box as in under the bonnet or by the drivers footwell steve ;)

Im assuming it's the 1 by the drivers footwell :D

What model would this MFU thingy be in down the scrappy??? as the coupe' and GSI T's aint' exactley common down scrappy's ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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