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Rover 214 SEi Body Coloured Mirrors

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In January I bought my second car, to replace my first one, a '97 Suzuki Alto.

I am now the proud and loving owner of a 1995 N Rover 214 SEi, with a completely full service history, 88,000 miles on the clock, and in that goddamn fine nightfire red metallic, with body coloured bumpers an' all.

The best thing about the car is that there is absolutely NO rust on it, at all, and the boot and rear seats have NEVER seen kids (two previous owners, both with posh three-word names; probably both 50+). I see plenty of 214s around where I live, and none of them are as tidy as this example. And, having got it for only £1000, it was a bargain.

Unfortunately, being 18, the insurance is horrific (£130 a month.....WITH various discounts. Before pass plus it was £148 a month..gulp!), but it's so worth it.

Anyway, I'm not going to do any proper modifications, as I like the car the way it is, for now (although tinted windows wouldn't be turned down!). But I just want to do one thing to it - at the moment it has black plastic door mirrors. I'm interested in replacing these with nightfire red body coloured ones, if they exist.

I've trawled eBay and performed numerous Google searches, but I can't find anything that helps me.

So I googled "rover forums" and this came up - hopefully the ideal place to ask for help! So, do any of the gurus here have any suggestions as to where to look, or whether my search is in vain or not. I think rustfree body coloured mirrors would make the car absolutely perfect. I've got cash to spend, and I have no idea what sort of budget I should set aside for this. Maybe £100?

Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.

I'll post some photos of it later, maybe, so you all know what I'm after.


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Mate you could either get some aftermarket mirrors and new base plates these have to be modified to go on to your car (drill a extra hole for the base plate) Or just take you orignal mirrors to a body shop and get them to colour code them
is it a Mk2 (box shape) or Mk3 (bubble shape) I think they changed over on N plates

if its a Mk3 you can get Rover 25 mirrors to fit, and colour code the cover on those
mk 1 400's will should be able to get some form a scrappy
dads got a m 414 sli and his mirror are the exactly the same as my 214 sei but colour coded. i think later mk 2 sli's have colour coded mirrors too they will fit yours too
Thanks for the replies.

I like the idea of getting the current mirrors changed in a body shop, how much would I be looking at?

It's a box shape, 5 door hatchback (apologies in advance for my haphazard photoshopping skills!):

I've also seen several versions, including the 2 door coupe, with a rear wing. However, as much as the ricer in me wants to be let out, I'm waiting until I'm 20 or so before thinking about modding a car, seriously.
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if you took the mirrors off of the car and took them to a body shop maybe looking at £50-£100 for the both of them
Cool, I'll have a look into it.

Formula1Freak said:
Cool, I'll have a look into it.

What's cool about spending £100 to have your door mirrors painted? Go to Halfords, get a tin of primer, a tin of nightfire red and a tin of lacquer, take the door mirors off and do it yourself for less than £20. It ain't rocket science.
but if you want a quaility finish it aint' going to happen using an aerosol!
Exactly - at the moment the mirrors are completely plastic and merely spraying them red, especially me doing it, will make them look ridiculous.

I prefer to spend out on having them done properly.

After all, it'll pay off when I come to sell the car in January 2006 to make way for my 1988 MR2 ;).
214 Si Mod'd said:
but if you want a quaility finish it aint' going to happen using an aerosol!
If you do it properly you can get an excellent finish using aerosols, especially on small area's like door mirrors. Spending £100 to paint a car that's only worth around £500 is rather excessive.
My car is the latest model of the old shape 214SEi, in perfect condition (no rust at ALL - untouched seats and upholstery, and with 88,000 miles it has a slightly less than average mileage.)

I bought it for £1000, and I reckon that was a bargain.

So it wouldn't be excessive, and I haven't even been quoted for it yet.
Mate if you know you wont be able to do it yourself get a pro to do it you wont be disapointed with the results
I will :).

The car in your avatar is goddamn fine.

Nice job!
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