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MG ZT, Rover 25
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Last winter I noticed the o/s front brake dragging. :hot: I took the wheel off and freed and greased up the bits you should on the calliper, noting some uneven wear on the pads due to the dragging. As they were still within wear limits and serviceable when loosened up, I decided to renew them in the spring when I had the parts and the time, and when the weather improved.

Now the better weather has finally arrived, and I had a couple of hours, I gave both the front callipers a good clean up, a careful lube and fitted the new pads…

O/s front calliper with old pads – note uneven wear: outside 3mm/ inside 6mm. (The n/s pads were evenly worn at about 6mm each):


N/s pads in place and caliper tied up:


Once fitted I took the car for a test drive. The new pads felt fine; I’ll take it easy on them for a few hundred miles until they are fully bedded in.
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