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Rover 214 16v Cabby Parts source?

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Lo, our cabby needs a panel replacing and dont know where to look first! Its the metal panel under the rear section of the hood, above the boot. It seems to be held on with star drive screws so I'm assuming it can be removed and replaced? It's really rotten!
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I think it's a dealer only part that panel. I know for a fact it's expensive so just a word of warning. Have you done a search on the new for panels.
How bad is it? It might be easier and cheaper to get a good body shop to repair it.

Classic car restorers are particularly good at letting new metal into old panels. Modern car specialists tend to replace panels in toto.

If it could be repaired then i would have a go as I can weld, but I'm afraid it's totally rotten for being expensive a friend said he rung our local Rover dealer and that panel is £9!
Thx though.
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