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rover 200-brm stylie

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i have a rover 200 bubble shape and would really like to do the door strips and mirrors just like the brm silver ones.

has any one done this before?

if so how did u do it?could you give me some advice so i am confident enough to do it?

cheers Alex.
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I've definitely seen this done so it must be possible to paint the standard black jobbies.

Not sure what would be best to use though.
whip the stuff off the car
a good clean up
a couple of coats of plastic primer
couple of coats of the silver paint
couple of coats of lacquer

nice cheap mod ,would probably cost less than £50 all in

thats how id do it anyway
I had my strips painted without having them removed. I did it at a bodyshop.
Check out Ebay - there is some BRM interiors and trim for sale today. Not cheap though!!!
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