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Hello all,

My names Dave, I'm new to the forum and thought i'd introduce myself.

The reason for joing the forum is that I'm in the process of buying a 03 MG ZT 1.8T! (34000k) BUT.........

having spoken to a few people I'm not sure I've made the right choice.

The general concensus is the engines are prone to overheating and the cylinder heads are like chocolate.

Is this true?

Are there any pitfalls to buying a lot of car for what seems very little money?

I'm going to take the car for a test drive tommorow!

Is there anything i need to look out for in particular? I've pretty much got my heart set on it but if there are any major issues (like the engine issues I've been warned about) I'll steer clear.

I will be very grateful for any feedback

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