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Rest in peace my Stormy boy

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Very suddenly and unexpectedly I lost my wonderful boy last night. We had a lovely day at Quithel huskyfest and he had a whale of a time running, being allowed to do his awful seal bark and meeting and greeting other people and dogs.

We got him out of the car at home and started acting strangely. His symptoms seemed to point to bloat and we rushed him straight to the vet. Sadly it was not bloat but a massive anaphylactic reaction, our vet did all he could but we lost Storm quickly. This morning he confirmed there was nothing unusual in storm's stomach so we will never know just what it was but he said his lungs were just full of fluid and his spleen had hemorrhaged so nothing on earth could have saved him.

We are devastated he was only 4 years old and was only with us seven months. He was a larger than life character from the annoying seal bark to his wanton mischievousness but just such a lovable boy. He would lie on the sofa cleaning Rob's head or if I was feeling poorly would lie on the sofa behind me and just put his head under my chin and cuddle me. Once you met Stormy you never forgot him he would certainly leave his mark on you

Just so shocked that yesterday afternoon we were discussing our race plans for this season, who was going to be on rig with me and who would run scooter with Rob and now he is gone :)

I only hope that he enjoyed his time here with us as much as we enjoyed taking him into our lives. He was a one off and is going to leave a big gap in our hearts and life. he left his mark on wee Tally by teaching her all his naughty door opening and bin raiding habits.

Will never forget you my special boy

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Oh no Britny, thats awful news, I'm so very very sorry to here that. He would have had a fantastic time with you. There will be plenty of friends for him over the rainbow bridge.
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No words can make this any better, So I can only say I feel for you.

Really sorry to hear this Britny. My and Mrs Klangs thoughts are with you.
No words can make this any better, So I can only say I feel for you.

I agree, beautiful dog, shame he died so soon and suddenly :(:( My thoughts are with you as well Britny
Oh Bless....sorry to hear this and hugs to you xxx
Sorry to hear such news :(
what an absolutely gorgeous looking dog.
Thats so sad to lose one of your furry family especialy so young but I think the joy he gave you in the short time you had him is worth the sorrow you are feeling now
very very sorry to hear the sad news Britny Hugs from lynne and myself...xxxx
I think I said it all on FB but having lost 3 cats and a dog in an awful 18 months I have an idea how you must be feeling.

best wishes to you Britny x
Really sorry to hear that Britny - must be heartbreaking.

Jason :(
Britny, our hearts go out to you, Rob and your Huskies......:grouphug:

Losing, a beloved pet is hard at the best of times, but for him to be taken so young is such a tragedy.....

It's some consolation that his last day was a very happy one, and as Pete says, he'll be making new friends and romping about over the Rainbow Bridge.

Give Rob and the dogs plenty of hugs.:)

Jeff & Carol.
sorry to hear this sad news your in my thoughts
Britney soooo so sorry for you, I hope the others are ok, they are so intelligent I know they will feel it too and help you through
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