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Appreciate your viewpoint and I’ll look at Febi going forward. I’m still at the having hair stage 😂.
Given the very low mileage that I do in the TF (1600 last 12 months), and the positive reviews for work undertaken on hundreds of MGs at MG Obsession using First Line parts, I’m not overly concerned. Obviously I’ll report back if I experience any issues. Thanks again.
Have to say I'm envious of your hair status, but I also don't do that many miles and have used parts which some have said are not as good. So far, none of those parts have let me down or caused me reason to be worried. I know that if they do need replacing sooner than some pricey parts, it gives me something to keep me out of the way. But finally it's your money, your time, so if you are happy, go with it.
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