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removing the prop shaft to make her a 2wd help please :)

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Ello freelander experts i need just a little bit of help in making my dads freelander 2wd as its banging from the prop shaft when reversing all i really need to no is when removing the prop shaft do i just need to put a blanking plate on the IRD unit ?? or is there anything else to cap off or anything else i need to do any help would be awesome :)

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What engine is it as I'm not sure it's something that can be done with the V6's, but.....

Rather than remove the propshaft check that the rear diff and VCU bearings are not cream crackered, quite a straight forward fix if they are. If you do decide to remove the prop you should inform your insurance as its classed as a mod. And if NI I understand that it will fail the MOT without a prop on.

Have a look at one of the Landy specific sites for more info.
One last thing, if you do go down the route of 2wd you may have a game when you come to sell it as a lot of owners do this because the IRD is shot and you are looking at big bucks to sort that out.

Just out of curiosity are the tyres all the same type and have they the same amount of wear?

Best of luck.

PS my rear diff mount failed and it was banging cost £50ish to be replaced.
cheers mate bought everything to do this on sunday got under the car and went to undo the rear of the propshaft and right in front of me there was a bolt missing some how it had workd its way out which was corsing the clunking haha my own fault for not checking first but atleast she is staying a 4wd for now any ways :)
Sometimes it's the simplest of things. All sorted which is good.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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