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Hi Everyone
Forgive me if this gets a bit long winded but I'm in a quandary!
Following a HGF as the first one was done wrong (please don't ask-I feel bad enough already!) I had trouble figuring out the gasket.
V5C gives an engine code of 16Z2.
However it is a Honda SOHC Manual so according to the Haynes it's a 16A6.
Anyway I got the gasket and on the way to the MOT the water pump leaked. This I had decided against renewal as it was only a year old anyway.
I am only now in a position to get the water pump done.
A friend of mine mentioned Waterless coolant as the car is now 24.
So upon going through the forums I noticed the the red current coolant that has always been used even when my sister had the car over a decade ago is possibly wrong!
So as they would flush out the system when doing the water pump do I use the red or should it actually be the blue?
And it is worth doing the waterless instead?
I know it's more expensive but I'm fine with that.

PS. I finally did my garage - feel free to look and comment.
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