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It’s possible the jet could be blocked in which case a fine pin or thin piece of wire could unblock it (a blowlamp *****er would work, if you’re old enough to remember these)

if it’s a disconnected pipe I’d expect to see a puddle of water under the car unless it’s internal in which case I’d expect a wet headlining or carpet.

I’m sure you wouldn’t but don’t use washing up liquid, it contains salt that will attack the bodywork and also congeals, which can block the nozzles.

Don’t be tempted to use an airline to unblock a jet (ask me how I know) because if the blockage is further back it can cause a joint in the pipework to separate.

It looks like I've been censored in the first line, it rhymes with clicker and starts with a p
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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