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Rear Washer - Rover 200Vi R reg

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Hi again,
Im back as this is the best place for help...

On my Rover 200Vi ive recently had the rear loam fixed as they broke up near the hinge of the tailgate (thanks for the help on that)

Next, my rear windscreen washer has stopped working. Couple of questions.
1. is it all the same washer bottle for front and back?
2. Does the washer water get fed up through the clear pipe (through a black rubber) near the left hand hinge of the boot lid?

Assuming no 2 is 'yes' then the plastice tube is broken, it seems. When i pull the black rubber housing off, the clear tube is part way down the black rubber housing.
If i put my fingers up into the inside of the tailegate (where the tube should go i think) theres nothing.... id have thought id feel the other end of the broken clear tube.....

Any thoughts on all this, would be gud.


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Yes, you are correct, your washer tube is broken... if you can't retrieve the end, you'll need to remove the trim around the tailgate and attempt to feed a new tube from the rear washer assembly.
mine stopped working the other day (214si mk3 ) I havent currently checked it out, but I just suspected FUSE, as usual, is it a seperate fuse for rear washer ?? ( mainly cuz i dont wanna do no tubing :p)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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