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rear head rests....

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Dave, I wonder if you can answer this;
After waiting a long time for my RHR's for my ZR 160, I finally got them fitted by my dealer.
The car was into to be fixed for wind noise and these to be fitted but the wind noise is still there, and instead of just fitting two RHR's they've tried to fit three, but only had two head-rests. I'm not sure if this car is meant to have three, the holes they've created in the back seat don't look symmetrical.
Can you tell me if this is an option of MGR cars or more specifically the ZR 160 , I think it should only have two.... ?
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Re: Re: rear head rests....

Dr Dave wrote:
But, surely, three RHR's in a 25/ZR is verging on the ridiculous??
Guys, thanks for all your input. I'll get hold of some pics and post them soon.
This is what I thought had happened, they've created holes in the back seat to take another HD, but it's not meant to be there.
I'm thinking of asking them for a new back seat/or would that just be a new cover ?
Do you think they'll agree or will I have a fight on my hands ?
Just when I thought problems were coming to an end........:(
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