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Has anyone ever re-padded their seats?

The right hand "wing" of the drivers seats is a bit soft and coudl do with some more padding , just wondered the best way of doing it and what to use.

is it foam?

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It's possible, but a rather skilled job if you want it to look and feel right afterwards. It also depends on how the foam base has deteriorated, sometimes the surface of the pad has gone powdery or the whole pad has softened. The foam base is also normally overlaid by a thin layer of scrim foam which comes in varying thicknesses density and qualities.

Bearing in mind the specialist skills and materials (and all the fiddly little clips!) I'd recommend either a professional car upholstery job or cheaper still will be a replacement seat from the breakers.
One advantage of a pro job though is that it won't really cost any extra to sort out the appallingly poor lumbar padding on the passenger seats fitted to a number of Rovers.

Two specialists I've used to great effect are:

Creech Coachtrimming Centre
45 Anerley Road,
Crystal Palace,
SE19 2AS

020 8659 4135


D S Automobile Upholstery
(Located in Guildford, Surrey but I've lost the address)

01483 303914

If they're nowhere near you they're still worth phoning for advice and may be able to recommend someone near to you.
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