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Hi everyone,
New here but always reading!
So here’s my problem; I have a very well loved Rover 25 SXI step speed.
I started noticing that the ‘transmission warning light’ kept popping on and off car still driving. Then I lost power on acceleration but managed to creep home safely. Just seemed like she was trying to pull away in a high gear if she was a manual. No juddering no noise.
On inspecting the transmission level, noticed it was slightly low, so classically topped it through dipstick hole after leaving the car running for a few minutes. Switched off, topped up, gently through the gears holding for 3-5 seconds and back up to park. Noticeably she sounded quieter and not so ‘chattery’ as they all sound! However, on taking her for a test drive she immediately felt like she had more power, BUT as soon as I hit 30mph this awful rattley mechanical sound happened! No noise in park, reverse, neutral nor was there when pulling away. On releasing the accelerator the noise disappeared?!?!?!
I’ve tried to a ratio reset... accelerating up to 35mph and letting it descend back to idle on its on.... no change.

Someone please shed some light on what on Earth I have done or could do?!?! I’ve owned her 7 years being the 2nd owner, she has never let me down, so I not ready to give up yet!
Sorry for the super long thread but I am desperate!
Thanks in advance guys! :D
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