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Hi. I have a 15 reg 1.9 Diesel MG. I have had it a year and it's had an occassional rattle but it seems to be most of the the time.

Not there on first start up.
After 5-30 minutes it's there.
As accelerator is pressed it goes away or is reduced so it's no longer audible.
Release accelerator and there's a delay of about a second and it returns.

The rattle comes from the engine and is a ..bbBRRRRRRRrr.. ..bbBRRRRRRRrr.. ..bbBRRRRRRRrr..

Just had it serviced and the mechanics said:
1) possibly clogged valves on the VVT
2) possibly timing chain.

But their data system has no access to MG6 procedures anymore. I contacted the local MG dealer and they said the same. They said even their tools for the MG6 were leased and have been returned. Basically all support for the MG6 has been removed.

A) is anyone familiar with this issue? Any details? Any common issues on this model? Ultimately, is it likely to last as a noisy car or engine in dire stress
B) garage said they couldn't open up the engine to touch timing belt, but could do an engine flush which may help if it's clogged valves. Any thoughts?
C) does anywhere have the ability to work on MG6 with the proper tools? If a small indy garage and a main dealer wouldn't touch it, who will?

Thanks if anyone can help.
Really happy with the car so this is very annoying
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