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Raid and Venom Enclosed induction Kits.

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Its universal fitment and as we all know 'universal' usually means 'fits sod all' but this is different and only took me an hour to fit and secure it all. As for sound its not what i'd call loud but when you boot it people look round. The power I now get in the lower down gears is amazing, its like instant power now rather than waiting for it to pick up. The only bad thing is the size of the actual filter box, compared with other filters tested its smaller so could be restricted?

Its universal fitment but I fitted this kit in less than 15 minutes, yes 15 minutes. It was so much easier to fit than the Raid one I tested. The reducers on the Raid were fiddler and only fitted with a lot of messing around. Also the Venom kit is larger and seamed to fit better. The Raid did't seem right under the hood and would best be fitted to smaller engine sizes. The power is good with little noise but I must say the car does 'feel' more powerful with this filter fitted!

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Hi there martin. Ive been looking for a venom kit the past while myself. where would be my best bet to get one at??
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