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My fan has never worked (even less since I cut the wires to rejoin them to the other brushes to see if they worked, turned out the motor itself is kaput) and as we're heading towards summer - no, honestly, we are! - I thought it about time I had it fixed.

However there was no way I was paying upwards of £300 for a new OEM one, not even one of the newer 2 speed ones.

I'd read Keith's how-to on fitting the Kenlowe kit, but it seemed like an awful fuss.

However I see that Jules (from t'other side) does a pre modified kenlowe replacement fan that fits directly into the existing cowling with just the need to connect up three wires to the existing loom.

All this for a meagre £129! Now that I like the sound of.

I shall be purchasing one today and will report back on the ease of installation and such when I fit it (hopefully this weekend)

One happy Curg :D
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