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This is my first post and hope someone can help. I recently fitted a towbar to my R45 (03 reg) but in the absence of a manual I am at a loss as to the cable colouring to the rear lights on the car.
I had a R200 (S reg) and have the manual for that, are the cable colours the same as on that car (or is that hoping too much?).
Failing that can SKS provide a wiring diagram?

On a different query are these manuals on cd that are advertised on e-bay any good?


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In the absence of a decent key or wiring diagram ....Get yourself a 12v test bulb ... a length of two strand wire from side indicator lamp and bulb from any scrap car will do. Better still, a multimeter set to the 0-20 volt DC range. Unplug and detach one of the plugs in the back of the nearside or offside rear lamp assembly

Connect one end of the test bulb circuit to a good earth or earth the black lead of the multi meter. If you can identify the EARTH wire in the lamp assembly plug (Black usually?) you could use that but it may limit access.

Then systematically operate each light - stop light, rear light, fog light nearside (or offside) indicator depending which one you're working on - and test each of the terminals in the plug until your light lights up, or the meter shows around 11 or 12 volts. You'll get a 0-12 volts on-off-on etc when the indicator circuit is tested. Then you can note which wire supplies which bulb. Then you can use scotch connectors to splice into each wire behind the plug and match it to the seven terminals in the tow bar electric plug ... sorted.

Work systematically with a note book and it should only take a few minutes to identify each bulb supply.

Did this few years ago on my Turbo coupe so I can confirm it works well. Since then I've fitted a tow bar and electrics to a 620ti using Blue scotch connectors....... Sod's Law ....I've discoved a female plug elsewhere on a scrap Rover 600 which exactly matches the male 'Tow Bar Electrics' plug spur on the loom behind the boot lining near the electric aerial. I'll adapt that female plug to suit the towbar electrics plug when time allows.

Some of the manuals on Ebay are excellent.... However, most of the information I need I can usually look uo somewhere on the web so my manuals are rarely referred to.... .
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