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Thoughts/opinions please-
I changed the FNS outer CV joint boot due to it being split a couple of weeks ago, and now I have a clonk from the suspension when going over a bump and sometimes when letting out the clutch.
I had to remove caliper housing, tie bar to lower suspension arm bolts, brake disc, hub nut/hub assembly, and used a ball joint splitter on the track rod end and bottom ball joint to access the outer CV joint which I tapped off the splined driveshaft with a rubber mallet.
I have checked and all the nuts/bolts appear to be secure, I can get a clonk by grabbing the roadwheel at the 9 o clock and 3 o clock position and moving it side to side. If I do the same 12 o clock /6 o clock (ie moving top to bottom) there is no noise. I am thinking I've knackered the track rod end when splitting the joint, and the balljoint in it has excess play. there doesn't appear to be any play in the CV itself (the joint hadn't lost much grease) and the races were clean and free from any signs of overheating or wear such as blueing.
Any ideas?
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