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Good morning everyone. Hopefully I get answers to this.

My L series has been taking a long time to start. If it does it runs rough almost stalling. This clears then seems to go into a default then I can drive. The overall performance seems fine. Sadly last Sunday it would not start at all.

After pumping the bulb I noticed that there was diesel on the floor. After literally pulling my hair out. I got the pump out changed the head and soleniod seals.

Notes: This was eventually done with a borrowed 3/8 drive e10 socket and 250 mm extension for the top two bolts and a 13mm set spanner for the underside nut. I add this as I note many questions on this subject over time. The pump after removing the gear hub laterally fell out.

On pulling back the protective cover on the solenoid wires I noticed that the insulation has failed causing the wires to touch.

Question 1 : Would this contribute to through start and engine run? .
Question 2: Would the pressure head seal cause hard start if it was leaking. ?
Question 3: Would the two wires touching on the timing wires cause the pump control unit to fail ? In the mean time I have used shrink tubing as new insulation.

Thank you in advance.
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