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PTP 105-R140 plus extras

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There will be 2 parts to this review.
Part 1 – Pre 1000miles

Right, well I kept it so quite its now time to share. I dropped my car off Saturday 25th March at the Mazda garage, who locked it in the cage for PTP to start work Monday. I was getting the 105-R140 conversion, vernier pulleys, Lightened and balanced flywheel and ITG Maxogen air induction kit.

I called up Louise on Monday morning to check they had received the car ok and Louise informed me that it was all safe and the engine was being taken out that day.

I received a call Tuesday from Louise to tell me that the Flywheel had been sent off to be lightened and when that comes back on Wednesday the work will be started fully and then it will all be put together.

Thursday evening, Louise called and informed me that the car will be ready Friday 31st March as planned. When I got there, I saw my baby outside and it looked so nice and clean.

Anyway to cut a long story short, the service from PTP was excellent, I met Simon and spoke to him about the do’s and don’t etc and how to break it in, then to come back after 1000miles to get it serviced, free of charge.

When I fired it up, the engine started and it sounded just the same as it always has done, however a bit deeper, but not intrusive. I then pulled away and having been used to the slack on the throttle cable, it was a bit strange to say the least, however it went away very easily and smoothly. The response was a lot better than before and I didn’t have to make an effort to get it going and the instant power could be felt without even going mad on the right foot!

On the motor way, the ease it went up to the speed limit down the slip road was amazing, no effort what so ever saw the wrong side of 70mph in a few seconds and cruising like that all the way home, also saw an increase in mpg. Just to compare, from Shenley to Oxford usually uses up just over ¼ tank in my 105, driving at the same speed as I always do to Oxford, it used up between a 1/5 and ¼ of a tank. I believe this is due to the less effort in maintaining a constant speed at 70mph (+a bit).

From 70mph, when you put you foot down all the way, the torque in 5th is amazing, and the sound from the ITG is out of this world, so deep and throaty it puts a big smile on your face.

That’s all I can write for now as I am not red lining it and pushing the car to the maximum yet, so after 1000miles I will be adding to this to let you all know about the differences etc…

Overall so far – I am very happy with the choice in going to PTP and would recommend it to anybody, the level or service, 1 year warranty and performance so far has been great and very professional. They even forgot to put my locking wheel nut and mg wheel hub remover back in my car, so have sent it out first thing this morning first class, WHAT A SERVICE!

Part 2 to follow in 1000 miles
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What sort of power are you looking at with the mods youve done so far then?

do you have an exhaust system in place??

Do you think 160 will be achievable by working on the conversion?
I doubt you'd see 160 from a 1.4 with adding on a turbo.

Even 140 from a NASP 1.4 is pretty good going.

Glad to hear you're enjoying the kit :D
ANDYJ_ZR said:
What sort of power are you looking at with the mods youve done so far then?

do you have an exhaust system in place??

Do you think 160 will be achievable by working on the conversion?
As Steve said I dont think I will see 160 however I think 150 is achievable, maybe a bit more but not much.

So far i think its around the 140bhp mark and I am looking to get a full janspeed sports exhaust on it in July and hoping for another 10 from that teaming up with the ITG.

I will let everyone know exactly how much its putting out then as it will be put on the rolling road as i am looking forward to seeing the results.
Nope, it stays a 1.4.

You're thinking of the 1.4->1.8 upgrade..

At least I'm sure this stays a 1.4? Could well be wrong though.
when i was on the phone to them before i bought the RX they said it was a 1.4 to 1.8 upgrade
This is basically what they do

"The K series engine started life as a 1.4, and MG Rover grew it to 1.6 and 1.8 versions. The cylinder block and cylinder head are the same in all 3 engines, with the changes made to the internal components such as crankshaft, liners, camshafts etc.

When the vehicle is delivered to PTP, the engine is removed and stripped by one of our fully qualified technicians. As the K series engine uses wet liners, we are able to remove them from the block without any boring, and replace them with larger 80mm liners, which are standard in the 1.8cc. This enables you to retain your original engine number if you choose to.

The pistons and con rods are replaced with 80mm 1.8 versions, as is the crankshaft, main and big end bearings. The cylinder head is checked for signs of wear, and the camshafts are replaced with new higher lifting longer duration cams which lift and open the inlet and exhaust valves for a longer period allowing more air and fuel mixture into the engine and quicker exhaust gas exit.

The engine is rebuilt using genuine new OE gaskets, seals, cylinder head bolts, camshaft belt, oil filter, antifreeze and oil. The original black plastic inlet manifold is replaced with a VVC style cast alloy manifold that has been gas flowed. A larger 52mm alloy throttle body is also fitted as from the ZR160.

A new engine tune is loaded into the original ECU using specialist equipment used exclusively by PTP, which was developed by MG Rover engineers. The alarm immobiliser is matched to the ECU, which keeps the vehicle security as standard.

The engine is fitted back into the vehicle and a full road test is carried out by one of our engineers, for any performance and drivability issues before being signed off and handed back to the customer."

The engine does become a 1800cc engine, however as the original engine number and due to the fact that there is no boreing, it is classed as a modified 1.4.

If in doubt, give SImon at PTP a call, i am sure he is really happy to answer any questions that you may have
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Master Yoda said:
still prefer my ikkle 1.3 :D
thas because they are one of the best engines in the world at the moment
Master Yoda said:
still prefer my ikkle 1.3 :D
You and your wankel powered hairdryer!!!!!

You need something with cylinders and head gaskets!!!
Rapid Yellow said:
You and your wankel powered hairdryer!!!!!

You need something with cylinders and head gaskets!!!

and why would i go and do that

with this wee engine i get 300BHP and only £110 road tax
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