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just picked up my tempest grey 75 yesterday.
it looks the dogs whatsits .
huge amount of metal for used fiesta money.
before i bought it i researched the net for weeks boring the T**S of my workmates in the process .
i looked at the different specs on the official Rover web site .
now my car is supposed to be an se model which according to the specs should have Rover Smartnav and powerfold windows as standard , which mines does not.
have i been conned or did the spec change towards the end , mine is a 54 plate registered in sept.
i read somewhere that towards the end of 2004 Rover embarked on a cost cutting excercise and some specs were revised , have i fallen foul of this?
if anyone can help i would be really gratefull.
looks like a great site full of absolute nutters ( right up my street)
any way i have bored you enough , looking forward to talking to you guys some more .

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