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Problems wiv me MGF

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Can anyone help with techi stuff - the power steering on my MGF did't work when I started up to come home. Funny red warning light and SRS warning light came up as I arrived home!? heellp
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SRS light will need resetting by dealer - but i remember someone on here saying how it can be reset on a rover 400? so have a search around - its not a straight forward procedure.

you might want to check earth leads to make sure there are no bad/rusty connections
MGF - thanks re Power Steering Problem

thanks - SRS light gone out by itself and I think the steering problem appears to be resolved now - it appears to be an MGF 'quirk' which I can happily live with. Unless anyone has any other ideas - please feel free to add any other - but thanks to everyone who responded!!!! Happy MGF motoring!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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