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Pride of Longbridge 2021 - please post fav pic(s) from past events

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Unfortunately the Pride of Longbridge event is cancelled, due to COVID-19, for the 2nd year running. This was an event where owners with Rover / MG cars (which were mostly made in the factory there) went for a social and to display and look at cars. I’ve been to a few, and thought it would be an idea to have a thread wher we post our fav pics in lieu of actually going. Please add yours:


In front of the factory gates^
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Thanks for posting those - POL is something I have never been able to get to (always a busy time of year workwise), so I always enjoy seeing pics. The trouble is that very few people on this forum seem to post very much about it - it is a shame that nobody else has taken the trouble to contribute to this thread :(

Very sadly, both of the Starlight Silver ZRs that your ZS is parked next to in those last two photos are now recorded as 'scrapped' :( :(
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