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Pride of Longbridge 2021 - please post fav pic(s) from past events

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Unfortunately the Pride of Longbridge event is cancelled, due to COVID-19, for the 2nd year running. This was an event where owners with Rover / MG cars (which were mostly made in the factory there) went for a social and to display and look at cars. I’ve been to a few, and thought it would be an idea to have a thread wher we post our fav pics in lieu of actually going. Please add yours:


In front of the factory gates^
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I think today would have been the day for POL if it was going ahead, and didn't have to be cancelled due to the dastardly COVID. :cry:

A couple more pics from the 2014 event, when I had my ZS Mk2...

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Yeah, missed the POL event yesterday and just did domestic stuff.

I sold the ZS to a nice young chap in early 2018 when I got my ZT. Nothing wrong with it, sad to see it go, just not the space for it. The buyer sent me a picture of the ZS with a 180 extreme spoiler fitted a few days later, looking well shiney. From the .gov MOT site it still looks like my ZS is going, having passed it MOT in Oct 20 with 122k on the clock. :)

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