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Pride Of Longbridge 2014

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Same as last year chaps!
12th of april 2014 is pride of longbridge.

I think that this year we should avoid the Cowley convoy and head to the M40 convoy for 8am?
The cowley lot seemed a tad dull, the M25/M40 convoy seems like more of a laugh.

8am M40 Beaconsfield services- northbound. HP9 2SE

I suggest meeting in winchester if people are coming from down south as it will be up the M3, M25 for a blast, then M40. obviously for those closer to sussex and that way, see you at beaconsfield.

If not, usual A34 route and hope that we meet some of the big convoy on the M40.

I'm game for it in the 45 if she's MOT'd or the 75 if she's ready in time and I can't get the 45 on the road!
Obviously I want to take the 45 to irritate the officials and the purists, but would I irritate the 75 club more with a slammed 75? decisions decisions...

Anyone else up for it?
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We'll be coming in the 45. Leaving from Southampton, if anyone wants to meet up then thats cool! :)
Very much up for this. You will be taking the A3?
Im in Tonbridge this weekend, so will see you guys on the M40! Keep an eye out at the services. Will be joining the South-East lot en route :)
See you on the day fathead, looking forward to seeing the phat lowz. :D

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Didn't spot any of you guys! (Except Chris!)

Saw Ojenkins car though. Fathead did you go?
I was there, AH stand, green Rover 25. I put a few faces to names from here. Met Mr_Wigster and Gnu :)
Didn't see him mate.
I didn't manage to find anyone off the forums really :(

Was hoping to bump into some people!
Fathead is on holiday so couldn't make POL Sadly :(
But yes I was there on the MG-lifestyle stand ;)
Were you on a stand?
I wasn't, I was just on the hill "E" block. If you stood by the MG SV-R and then walked directly to the Longbridge gates, you would have passed my car half way up the hill.

Fathead is on holiday so couldn't make POL Sadly :(
But yes I was there on the MG-lifestyle stand ;)
Ah that sucks, I wondered why I didn't spot him! What route did you take?
We went A34, M40 then M42 I think to hopwood services then met with the rest of the convoy there at about 8.00am ;)
I was on the MGROCSW just to the right of the SVr with Scrapheap (anthracite MGF with a camo monkey and flag flying)
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