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Post pictures of your R100 or Metro here

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Here is my 83,000 mile Rover 111 GSi . Extensively soundproofed and Ive also made a few suttle mods.

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Another few survivors




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that red van to me looks the best looks well sweet
my parents had a mg metro and a brown van, prob around 30yrs ago now

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according to the DVLA the silver MG metro was on the road until 1996.
Bought this today, once I have finished respraying two MGf's I will be starting on this, it is a bit mouldy inside having been stood in storage for around 5 years but everything appears to work except the heater which is blowing cold.

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found one more whilst going through old photos, managed to scan this one in a bit better than previous photo
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I bought mine because I said it would be easy to make a genuinely fast Metro on the standing quarter mile (try reading the progress thread instead of simply looking at the pretty pictures in future).
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