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Hi there guys,
I thought i should post this up in your area before anywhere else.
Just a friendly heads up about a possible member on this group whose real name goes by 'Scott Sosban Rees' (on Facebook anyways) .
Im no here to slander or send a negative vibe but this boy, has caused. So much greaf to so many members of the MG Apprieciation Group and a member to the Midlands MG-R Owners club by leaving vicious emails, as well as acting in a tedious way by selling a car secretly with Head Gasket Fault to another member, posing innocently, until two weeks later sending a email out of the blue saying and i quote "hahaha you brought a car with HGF.... Dumb.Ass!!"
As you can see its giving the MG Rover enthusiasts a negative image and thought it would be good to share this.openly with ALL MG Rover owners clubs!!
He has been banned from numerous Owners Clubs!

Again his real name is Scott Sosban Rees and lives in the
Pontyberem area with a light blue MG ZR/25.
Please feel free to double check this info by searching on facebook for
MG ZR appreciation group. You cant miss the thread.
Many kind Regards.

Also if anyone DOES know him and knows if he has got a name on here to please share so i can warn those in other Clubs.
Thanks Again for your time :)
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