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:indiff: American management is unpredictable.

They ruined Oldsmobile some years ago. In the end an Oldsmobile was no Oldsmobile anymore, just a Buick with a different badge, that no one wanted to buy. And the management was wondering about the nosedive of sales. So they dumped this good old brand. Clever. :cus:

GM invented the Saturn brand to compete against the low price Korean cars. So these Saturns had to be very cheap and were poorly build. In other words, they did all they could, to establish a discount brand. Anyway, that didn't help to increase their sales figures as expected.

Now these managers had a brilliant idea. “Hey, we do own Daewoo. Let’s relabel these cars into Chevrolets. Chevrolet is a good brand for cheap cars. And what about our more luxury cars? Which of our brands would fit best, maybe Oldsmobile? No, it's gone. Oh, there is Saturn. Let’s build a quality brand with Saturn.” Clever again. :cus:

Eventually the image of Chevrolet will be ruined shortly, but Saturn has never had a reputation. So what the hell they are thinking? :wtf:

The real problem is that the American motor industry is fixed on costs and prices. They don't bother with quality.

During the last 12 years or so, I met a lot of Americans. Many of them were telling me they won't buy an American car, because of quality(!) issues. So they are going to buy European cars. At least some good news. :)


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timekiller said:
I agree! (Besides you forgot Saab where they wanted to sell a Subaru as a Saab).

The cowboys make one severe mistake after another.

Most of all this Bob Lutz. He is about to ruin what´s left of GM.

I remember his stupid quote about the new Opel Vectra.

How can a manager be so dump and say something negative about the products of his own marque?
You're right.

American engineers and designers (and their European colleagues) are able to do a great job. But their management isn't.

When the new Vectra was almost ready, they got a sound problem (got this from an insider btw). Shutting its doors sounded much better than the Omega ones. But there has to be a ranking from top to bottom. So they had three possibilities:

A) to be happy about the achieved quality (the Omega was to be discontinued soon anyway)
B) to improve the Omega's door sealings just a little bit
C) deteriorate the new Vectras door design

Management decided to go for C. :shake: Nothing more to say about management...
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