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Plastic welding...

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How is it done, I think I need some done on my bumper :eyes: d

Is there specialist equipment needed or is simply bonding plastic using heat?

Is it possible to DIY or is it better to get it done professionaly?

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to do it properly you need the right equipment and correct filler rod. Pro is always gonna get the best finish but depends what the damage is.

I would diy repair a crack by maybe melting the rear together a little bit first with hot air blower attachment on my gas soldering iron and adding material at rear of crack. fibre glass the back of it for extra strength. dremel out crack a little and make sure there is a nice rough finish. then fill it with a flexible filller. flat it, prime it, paint it, lacquer it, polish it.
place just off lode lane that specialises in spot repair, dents....they do bumper repairs too! would be alot easier and get a much better result to be honest.
i can plastic weld :D you need the correct machinary to do it, its not as simple as it sounds either.
If it's not a major crack then you can use superglue as a repair and filler. Done it many times on various things.

First you must strengthen the crack from underneath. I always use chemical metal and key the underside for it to bond to. It sets fast and is rock hard or you can use fibreglass as suggested.

When it's set get yourself the superglue that comes in large bottles. They usually come with a special attachment for applying it in very fine areas.

Fill the crack with super glue and a little bit over then either let it dry naturally or use gentle heat from a hairdryer. Once dried sand it to a smooth finish. The bond should be nice and strong afterwards.

I did this on a completely buggered Mondeo bumper that I managed to rip off on a lampost when reversing cuz I wasn't paying enough attention.
It was cracked and split into several pieces. I bonded the whole thing with the method above and it was hardly noticible when I'd painted it.
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just a quick question how easy is it to plastic weld i was thinking about getting a rear valance and getting it plastic weld on so cannot see where it connects cheers
plastic weld will do what a conventional MIG welder will do, it'll leave a bead of weld where the join is. It takes a bit of getting used to, but eventually you can do it in a linear fashion.
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