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Photos of your F/TF - Post them here...

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Can't see any reason why you guys can't have one seen as there's one in the 75/ZT section.

Go on then, who's first?
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Errrr,well that didnt work !So how do I put pictures up???

Find an image uploading site - I use Imgur:

Click on 'upload images' at the very top of the page above. You can then search your computer for pictures and/or drag and drop files into the space (you'll see what I mean) and once you have chosen your pics to upload, simply click 'start upload' and there you go.....

Once uploaded, on the right, you will see various links so that you can share your pics - I use BBCode, and you can change the size if you want (just below) from original, to small or large thumbnail etc. If you've uploaded several pictures, they will be numbered just above the picture you've just uploaded - to get the links to share for each picture, just select pic 1,2,3 etc and new links for each pic will appear on the right......rinse/repeat the copy link procedure for each one you want to share on the forum.

To simply copy the link to share, if you click the little icon next to BBCode, it will auto-copy the link and then you can just right click and paste it into your forum reply box and that's it!!

Note, if you leave it set at original size, the forum will auto resize it for you, but there will be a yellow banner at the top of your pic so that those who want to see the bigger picture can do so.

Hope that helps!
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Some pics of my 2001 F.......seen as how it was a nice dry sunny day today. I quite like the reflections in the paint, especially the last one on the rear boot lid. Best seen full size.

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Well Guys I would love to add some pictures of mine but how the heck do I put the pictures on like you guys have?

Help :)
You'll need to upload your images using a hosting site like Imgur: or the like. Quite simple really. Click on upload images, then browse to where the picture is on your computer and select it. Hit upload and then you will be given a link to copy which you can paste into your reply on the forum.

Here's a 'how to' for Imgur:

Hope that helps
Actually, I think yours looks better than the Porsche, Nick :D - love the colour and wheels......I've got a Tahiti Blue F and have just bought the same V-Spoke alloys for mine.......they look lovely on your TF.
My TF says thank you! :D The V-spoke alloys are really really nice. They came with the car as standards and mine have been crashed on the curbs a few times hence they need a bit of work. I have a new pair with new GSD2s for the front and I am trying to source a cheap pair for the rear. Refurbishing them might be too expensive and I am not sure about the color matching so I am in the market for dirty cheap but new ones. What I enjoyed is that the Porsche happened to have a similar color to the TF. Both cars looked great sitting there all glamorous. Actually, I too thought that blimey the TF looks really good :)
I won my alloys on Ebay recently, and whilst there is no kerbing, they are quite marked with surface scratches and a few dings here and there. The colour code for the rims is Silver Sparkle (MNH) but finding original paint for them is like finding hens teeth. Fortunately, I don't need to sand them back and spray them - I bought a genuine touch up kit and that should suffice.

As for scratch removal, I've started with cleaning them up with Auto Glym Clean Wheels and a stiff brush. That took off all the brake dust and grime. Next step was to use Auto Glym Paint Renovator - I was really surprised at just how good it was at removing scratches, gotta use a lot of elbow grease on the deeper ones, but it has brought them up like new.

I'm waiting on the touch up kit to arrive and then I will set about repairing all of the more noticeable marks. After that, a bit of wet and dry followed by a good clean and wax and they should be ready to go on.
Perhaps one of the mobile MG mechanics local to you could fit them for you in situ. I know I used Dave & Kayleigh (MG Rover Mobile Mechanics) last year - great 'at home' service and good pricing as well.
Finally got around to fitting the V-spoke alloys I bought off Ebay, after refurbing them by hand, this is the final-ish product!

(before images of the scuffed rims can be seen here:
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^^^^^^^ nice motor, fancy sharing some of your nice weather with us over here in bleak, cold UK?
Some pics of mine after fitting my Mike Satur Mk1 Chrome roll hoops that I sourced of a car being broken:

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Some more pictures of mine after recently adding a Trophy spoiler which was originally silver. Had it resprayed and spent a few hours fitting it myself with the help of some measurements provided by Incony - very grateful to that man for his time and help which made the job a lot easier than I thought it would be to get to 'true' positioning for the spoiler.......which I hope I have achieved as I've never seen a factory fitted one in the flesh........

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Lovely looking car, just in time for some nice weather. Had the top down on mine all week and have been loving it! - welcome back to the fold and hope you enjoy your new motor. Now, you'll probably find that your money will start disappearing fairly quickly on all the things you want to do to her......the list WILL grow further than you can think!!!
Still think they are fantastic fun for the money.
Mine's been the best £750 I've ever spent. Well, that and the several hundreds I've spent on her since :wink: - I've lost track of how much, but every penny has been spent well and I've enjoyed doing things to her. Last thing was a Trophy spoiler as per below:

Okay, as promised here are some pics of the finished project - I'll just leaved a link to them in the 'pics of your F or TF' below to save posting them twice:

Thanks to all who helped me out with my request for measurements. I had to change the standard long aerial to a shorter one (£4.00 from a local motor factors) as the spoiler was catching it when opening the boot - actually, reception has improved. Although I did not physically make a template, I can post up a guide of what I did (which was quite simple, really) that might assist others - I'll try and add in some photo's with measurements etc as soon as I get the chance.

Thanks again chaps!
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Pics of my MGF in the thread below - now up for sale!

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