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Petrol smell....MGF

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Firstly, Hi everyone.
My wife and I just got a 2001 MGF CVT. Silver with Red and black leather, Stepspeed gearbox. We love it.
Problem is that we have had it only a week and noticed a smell of petrol when starting it from warm or hot.
There is no smell the next day or if the engine is cold.
The smell goes after about 5 mins, Wasn't to sure what to do.
Can anyone offer any advice?
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There was an issue woth early Fs regarding perforated tanks, but this was supposed to be sorted oout by 1998 or so, so your F is highly unlikely to have this problem.

Therefore its probably a blocked breather pipe to the petrol tank, have you got a warrantee with the car? If so i'd get it booked in and have it checked out.
Thanks, I'll check it out. Done a search, it seems pretty common. Any idea how easy it is to diagnose?
Sorry, not experienced it first hand myself (just passing on accumulated knowledge from forums over the years). Shouldn't be too difficult i would imagine - don't think it's too serious either (other than annoying). Certainly not enough fumes to cause issues with the occupants.

Over time the tank could become pressurised i suppose, but this will be released each time you open the tank to fill up (which happens anyway).

It only becomes an issue if the tank is perforated (unlikely as i said), but worth getting checked out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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