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'06 MG ZR +120 (HQM) '04 MG ZR 105 (IAB)
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I would love to check the Data stored on my SCU & link 2 new fobs myself if possible!? I only have the EKA atm though; is this possible with just a T300 programmer or similar???
Quite apart from the ancient date of the prior posts, it is worth pointing out that the code cannot be read from the fob (technozen tried to find a way for some time before admitting defeat), so only brand new (or very little used) fobs can be fully programmed to a Pektron SCU.

As far as I know, the only proprietry diagnostic equipment that can programme Pektron remotes to the SCU are the Rover 'Testbook' T4; a T300; or pscan.

I am unsure if it is possible to determine the current code for a given remote from the eeprom data, but it is certainly possible to clone the data for a used working fob from the SCU it is programmed to and place it on a different SCU. There are several MG Rover lock specialists who can do this.
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